Present Square Vinyl in Japan // プレゼント・スクエア

The vinyl single Present Square ll is now available in Japan. Tokyo’s Hi Fi record store in Shibuya has it on its shelves. Check out their website here and give them a visit when you’re in Tokyo!

The single features the songs “Ich weiß” and “土から生まれる” with Japanese lyrics by Leiko Ikemura.

New Video for upcoming Single ‘Ich weiß’

Present Square was in the studio in November 2018 to record three new tracks, two of them to be released soon on a 7” vinyl. The video for ‘Ich weiß’ was shot in December 2018. The single is the first German song of Present Square.

Here’s a photo taken in a break during the recordings at Studio X in Berlin – Wedding.

Present Square at Studio X, 2018, Berlin – Wedding