GB65 is a music and art organization, founded in 2016 by Milo Frielinghaus and Lorina Speder. Under the name of GB65 they organize, curate and work on projects in the local and international art and music scene.

Milo Frielinghaus, Concept Art, Berlin

Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Prof. Tony Cragg, Prof. Ulrich Rückriem)

2010: Borderlands GmbH: Berlin-based project to encourage experimental public projects
2005: default001 
1996: Kunstverein shift e.V. 
Exhibitions/Projects: Candida Höfer, Juergen Teller, Herbert Fritsch 

Lorina Speder, Musician and Writer, Berlin

2012: Siena Jazz / Accademia Nazionale del Jazz 
(Guitar Prof. Roberto Nannetti) 

2016 - today: Free Writer art / music for taz, Tagesspiegel etc.
2015: www.der-cluster.de
2013: Lorraine's Hammock music blog